Pay-Per-Lead Marketing Services For Air Pollution Control Equipment Manufacturers

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Engios' Pay-Per-Lead Service is great for manufacturers, because...

1. Customer Focus: You want LEADS, not traffic or branding. Pay-per-lead pricing helps us give you more of what you want.
2. Measurable and Tangible: Leads are easy to track ROI with. Traffic and branding are not.

3.Better Results: As a platform, we're able to focus on the long term and benefit from
compound growth. This is because we're able to syndicate all our resources and
learnings/data from clients, and pool them together to beat individual marketing teams.

4.Risk free: You only pay when you get real leads. There's no guessing game here.

Matt Meiresonne
Founder @ Engios

How Pay-Per-Lead Services Work

Step 1: Our Users Request Your Info

When one of our users downloads our supplier comparison report, we get their contact info, including: name, company, email, phone number.

If someone is researching air pollution control suppliers, that means they're likely looking to buy from one eventually too.

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Step 2: The Lead Is Sent to Your Email

Our software automatically forwards the lead's contact information directly to your email inbox, within minutes.

All you have to do to access the leads we send you is to open up your email and call/email the contact information that the lead provided.

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Step 3: We'll Bill Your Credit Card

Whenever the lead is sent to you, our system will process that payment and automatically bill your credit card for a fixed price per lead.

No invoices. Cancel your credit card any time.

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