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Reserved Only for University of Michigan Students. Engios Helps You Network, Get Mentorship, Gain Exposure, and Gives You Real Responsibility. You'll Get Paid. Your Research Work Will Be Published Online and Cite You As The Author.

"Equipment purchases are the most important aspect of every manufacturer. Engios has provided us insight into which suppliers solve our problems and where the gaps are in what we need."

Tim Almond
Chairman, Co-founder
Heartland Industries

Gain Valuable Industry Experience

Network & Learn From Real Companies.

Our Junior Analyst track allows you to talk to company executives and learn the in-and-outs of their business. You'll also learn what customers look for.

Our Marketing Specialist track allows you to work directly with our founder and learn digital marketing from him, including: SEO, Email Marketing, CRO, Sales, and Paid Media.

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Get Your Name In Front of Employers

Get Your Work Published

Skip the line of published academia, and get recognized where it matters: the internet. Having a personal brand opens lots of job opportunities, and employers' attention is on the internet.

Your name will be next to whatever research you publish, and you'll get recognition for your work.

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Work Examples from Other Students

Showcased research from other students, just like you.

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