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What Engios is all About

If you’ve ever asked yourself: 

“How do I get started with solar energy?”

“Where can I get actionable advice on solar power?”

“How do I design or install a solar electric system?”

“How do I choose what system is best for me?”

“Where can I find reliable industry data on the solar industry?”

You’re in the right place.

Engios is where I’m taking everything I’m learning about solar into actionable insights.

Since there’s already SO MUCH information out there, I try to limit my publishing to only the best stuff & make sure it’s always super actionable.

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How Engios helps you be more sustainable

I’m a big believer that if you want to effect change, you need to:

1) Make the WHY undeniable

2) Make the HOW super simple and digestible

Problem is, often the engineers who write solar panel content get too technical for 90% of the population to understand.

As a result, people don’t take action.

That’s where Engios comes in:

Everything I put out is super digestible and actionable and make sure to only publish that which is essential.

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