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Our insights and research aren't found anywhere else on the internet, and they're FREE. Our analysts personally interview suppliers to get exclusive information not publicly available.

"Equipment purchases are the most important aspect of every manufacturer. Engios has provided us insight into which suppliers solve our problems and where the gaps are in what we need."

Tim Almond
Chairman, Co-founder
Heartland Industries

How Engios Helps Procurement Professionals & Engineers

We're the only research firm in the industrial space that goes out and hunts down company research. On top of that, we offer our reports 100% free (something many other research firms charge thousands of dollars for)

We aim to make the buying/selling process of air pollution control equipment easier

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How Air Pollution Control Manufacturers Can Benefit

Engios can not only put your brand in front of the right audience at the right time, but we can also give you the contact information. We offer pay-per-lead pricing, which means you only pay when you get a prospect's contact

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Picture of founder Matt

Matt Meiresonne

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Founder @ Engios | Digital Marketing | University of Michigan -- Ann Arbor; Ross School of Business, BBA Finance

Matt's been doing digital marketing for 7 years (5 in
industrial/manufacturing sector), mostly working with his Dad's
company, IQSdirectory. Matt is currently attending University of Michigan, Ross School of Business, while working on Engios. Matt is self-funding Engios 100% with his savings

Demari Miller web developer

Demari Miller

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Web Developer | University of Michigan -- Ann Arbor;

Demari is a self-taught web developer and backend programmer. He helped build the very site you're looking at. Demari currently lives in Ann Arbor and is actively seeking new client work for conversion-focused web design.

mike meiresonne

Mike Meiresonne

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Advisor | President @ Industrial Quick Search, Inc

Mike has been working in industrial marketing for over 40 years. He created IQSdirectory and its associated properties over 20 years ago near the beginning of the internet. He's had thousands of manufacturers as his clients, and knows the industrial landscape inside and out.