Master Plan – Marketing Blueprint – Project Proposal

Engios Marketing Initiative


Cover Page:


Name of Project:

Engios LLC


Contact Information of Project Director:

Matt Meiresonne


Agency Requesting Funding From:

Industrial Quick Search, Inc.


Dates of Project Period:

September 1, 2017 – September 1, 2027


Total amount of funds requested:

$51,820 seed investment (year 1).


Tools & Expenses:

  • WordPress (Hosting)  – $20/year
  • Domain registration  – $20/year
  • Gsuite email (Email list + Influencer interaction) – $60/year
  • Hootsuite or Buffer (Social automation) – $120/year
  • Leadpages (Capturing emails) – $300/year
  • ActiveCampaign (Email Automations, Email Database) – $300/year


Labor & Expenses:

  • Matt Meiresonne (Project Manager) – $50,000
  • Lindsey Eckhardt (Periodic Web Design) – $1000
  • Additional Promotion Team + Content Writers – To be determined


Table of Contents:


  • Vision & Opening Statements
  • Strategy
    • Phase 1
    • Phase 2
    • Phase 3
    • Phase 4
    • Phase 5
  • Phase 1, Expanded
    • Overview
    • Supporting Resources
    • Content Plan
      • Topics Covered (In Order)
    • Promotion Process
    • TImeline and Milestones
    • Achieving critical mass to Scale & Outsource
  • Phase 2, Expanded
  • Phase 3, Expanded
  • Phase 4, Expanded
  • Phase 5, Expanded


Vision & Opening Statements:


The purpose of Engios LLC create a new platform which is optimized for growth, decrease in vulnerability, and increased proprietariness.


It is my hope for Engios to absorb IQS Directory, and its existing client base, and provide a more sustainable, longterm solution to growth and marketing.


In order to protect the current business interests, adaptations need to be made to accommodate to vastly changed (and continuing to change) landscape of the internet.


While IQS Directory and ThomasNet were successful ventures during their inception, when the world wide web was in its youth, they are no longer set up to grow their revenues in a scalable fashion.


Since 2000, when IQS Directory was first concieved:

  • The internet’s user base has grown by 12.3X according to Internet World Stats
  • Google’s index has grown by 130,000X according to data from the Official Google Blog and Search Engine Land
  • Several other Platforms other than Google –  such as Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram – have subtracted from Google’s market share of customer attention.


Today (2017):

  • Search engines are responsible for 79% of IQS Directory’s traffic
  • Google is already using AI to build its own directories, which is in direct competition with IQS Directory.
  • Content production is continuing to grow at an exponential rate


What this means:

  • The landscape internet landscape has become vastly more competitive and diversified
  • Relying solely on directory pages to drive traffic may have a limited number of days
  • We’re lucky our clients are incompetent marketers
  • In order to ensure a future for IQS, the marketing strategy and even the business model potentially must completely change.


Luckily, there’s a massive opportunity to grow since our client base has been slow to adapt to the changing landscape also.


“I am prepared for the worst, but hope for the best”

– Benjamin Disraeli





  • All phases mentioned below will require continuous, ongoing effort, but will need to be accomplished in the below order.
  • There will be a periods where phases will mature to the point where they can overlap (more on this later).



Phase 1)

Create an engineering blog around viral topics to attract a lot of domain authority, leveraging the same “Divide and Conquer” Marketing Strategy used by Facebook.


Topics include solar energy, energy savings, electric vehicles, automotive, AI, drones, software, etc.


Monetize through affiliate marketing.


Phase 2)

Transition into Industrial engineering blog content, focused around topics central to IQS Directory.


Phase 3)

Create an e-commerce style catalog, similar to Grainger/Amazon/Northern tool, which mirrors search engine semantics, and scrap the directory model completely.


It would be an all-in-one lead generation solution (search engine traffic, social media coverage, email marketing, retargeting, and mirror sites).


Phase 4 – Optional)

Leveraging the content marketing infrastructure already built with this platform & after building enough capital, create white label capital goods which are deeply entrenched in the industry.


Use the same Divide and Conquer Marketing methodology mentioned earlier, but instead of blogging, it will be around industrial products.


Not only would this grow revenues, but would remove dependence on internet for revenues.


Phase 5 – Optional)

Using the content marketing from Phases 1 and 2, launch SaaS products with higher margins than the capital goods mentioned in Phase 4.


Use the same Divide and Conquer Marketing methodology mentioned earlier, but instead of blogging, it will be around software products/services.


Not only would this grow revenues, but would remove dependence on internet for revenues.  


Phase 1, Expanded




This marketing strategy is a long-term approach oriented plan, designed to maximize traffic & authority results in the long term.


What we’re basically doing is an 80/20 promotion:content approach, in which we spend 80% of our time promoting content, 20% of our time creating content. Due to how incredibly competitive it is to get traffic to your content, it’s important to promote more and write less.


What we’re going to be doing is leveraging forums, influencers, search engines, an email list, and social media to drive traffic to our content. Used together, this creates the best long term traffic funnels.


We’re also going to strategically dominate different topics using the “Divide and Conquer” marketing strategy to maximize reach.


Supporting Resources:



Content Plan:


We’re going to go deep into each of the following categories, attract as much traffic & backlinks as possible, then move on to the next. These are all viral topics, whose sole purpose is to help us build momentum before transitioning to Phase 2, which is writing engineering content.


For each, we’re going to follow this system:

  • 2-3 branded solutions (to build authority and infrastructure)
  • 5-8 How to Guides (To build authority and infrastructure)
  • Tadpole content (To get a ton of backlinks)


Topics Covered:


  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Energy Savings
  • Climate Change
  • Green building
  • Recycling
  • Pollution
  • General Automotive
    • Electric Cars
  • Robotics
    • Drones
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Automation
  • General Science
  • General DIY
  • General tech
  • Skyscrape authoritative engineering/tech related articles from the following sites:
    • (#233 on the web according to Ahrefs)
    • (#273 on web according to Ahrefs)
    • (#287 on web according to Ahrefs)
    • (#337 on web according to Ahrefs)
    • (#892 on web according to Ahrefs)
    • Etc.


Promotion Plan


Timeline & Milestones


Achieving Critical Mass to Scale and Outsource


Phase 2, Expanded




This is where